Bathroom Accessory Molds

Accessory Molds from Gruber Systems are an excellent way to offer your customers a lot of extra convenience at very little cost to you! Our line includes a multitude of soap dishes, shampoo holders and combination units, shelves, towel bar ends, toothbrush holders, robe hooks, and toilet roll holders. These items cost very little to manufacture, but can make a huge difference in transforming your customers’ bathrooms from ordinary to truly custom!

While our accessory items have been grouped into families of similar shape and design, they can easily be mixed and matched to meet your customers’ needs. Among the “families” of accessories in the Gruber line are the Sweetheart Series, the Wall Mounted Series, the Diamond Series, and the Opal Series.

Remember… just a little matrix will go a long way toward customer convenience… and extra profit!

Select from Gruber’s extensive collection of accessory molds for the bathroom to add value (and profit) to your next bathroom installation!

Gruber Systems carries dozens of bathroom Soap Holders, Soap/Shampoo Holders, Bathtub/Shower Shelves and other related molds for use with bathtubs or showers. Soap Dishes and Soap/Shampoo Holders are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and functions, so review the entire line below. Many of our Soap Dishes and Soap/Shampoo Holders are part of a few "collections" - including the Sweetheart, Diamond and others.


Gruber Bathroom Accessory Toilet Paper Holder Molds

Gruber Systems offers a variety of Toilet Paper Holder molds, including individually designed molds, and toilet paper molds as part of a few designer "collections":


Gruber Bathroom Accessory Tumbler/Toothbrush Holder Molds

Tumblers, Toothbrush holders and related molds.


Gruber Towel and Robe Hangers

Towel Ring Molds, Towel Bar Ends, Robe Hangers and more


These Bathroom Wall Mount accessories are cast, then typically installed in two ways - either by cutting into a wall panel (usually a cultured marble wall panel) and attaching directly to the wall, or by screwing the part into the wall.

The Diamond Collection is one of Gruber's most popular design collections of Bathroom Accessories, including soap and shampoo dishes and holders, as well as toilet paper holders.


The Sweetheart Collection is a designer-collection of bathroom accessories, including Soap Dishes, Shampoo Holders, Soap Shelves, Toilet Paper Holders and other accessories.

The Opal Collection is a designer-collection of Soap Dishes, Shampoo Holders, Soap Shelves, Toilet Paper Holders and more.

Before you Order a Mold:

  • Mold Construction Choice (Metamold or Vinyl Ester) - All molds can be ordered in our premium Metamold gelcoat, or more affordable Vinyl Ester gelcoat finishes. To order as Metamold, add an M to the end of the order numbers provided. To order as a Vinyl Ester version, add a V to the end of the number.

  • Female Mold Options - Most molds require a female mold or mold alternative. Learn about the types and differences here.

  • Mold Break-in Instructions - Gruber molds are preconditioned for your convenience. Learn how you should break in your new Gruber Mold.

  • Mold Track Option - Order your Gruber mold with Mold Track to easily move your molds through your production line