Gruber offers hundreds of vanity bowl mold designs in a wide variety of categories, shapes, sizes and styles, such as floating models (cast with a vanity deck or kitchen counter), drop-in (cast separately and dropped into a deck cut-out or kitchen counter), undermount (cast separately and placed under the vanity deck or kitchen counter). See our "Designer" series and European design bowls and sinks for a variety of design-centric options.

Floating Bowl Sink Molds

Floating bowls are mounted on custom no-bowl vanity decks to become and integral part of the cast vanity. Bowls can be positioned for any custom installation, or multiple bowls mounted for double bowl vanity decks. Using floating bowls with our No Bowl Deck molds offer a distinct competitive advantage in that you can mix and match multiple floating bowl molds to multiple No Bowl Deck molds to create dozens or even hundreds of product solutions for your customers with minimal investment! All bowl molds are offered with a fiberglass female mold; however most mold designs also offer permanent hat and reusable hat female mold alternatives. Refer to the Catalog Order sections for details.

Floating Bowl Molds are grouped into four categories - Oval/Round, Rectangular, Shell and Designer series:

Drop-In Bowl Sink Molds

Drop-In Bowl Molds are grouped into three basic shapes - Oval/Round, Rectangular and Designer series. Drop-In bowls are cast separately from the vanity deck. The Drop-in type of lavatory bowl is also referred to as a self-rimming lavatory. The drop-in bowl fits through a cut-out in the vanity top. It has a lip or flange that rests on the vanity top, holding it in place.

Undermount Bowl Molds

Undermount Lavatory Bowl molds

Gruber Systems supplies a large number of standard and designer Undermount Lavatory Bowl molds for cultured marble and solid surface manufacturing. These standard and designer model bowls are mounted underneath the vanity.

Vessel Bowl Molds

Square vessel bowl mold design example

The Gruber Vessel bowl series offers a growing line of bowls for customers who are looking for a high end look. Vessel bowls have become increasingly popular in the marketplace, particularly as an upscale option for the powder room.

Lavatory Pedestals and Wall Mount Basin Molds

Pedestal/Lavatory Basin Combination Molds

Pedestal lavatories and wall-mount lavatory basins provide a compact, space-saving, yet classical appearance at home in almost any bathroom settting. Gruber pedestal molds include the bowl and pedestal as a matched set.

Kitchen Sink Molds and Bar Bowl/Sink Molds

We manufacture a great selection of kitchen sink and bar sink designs - in floating sink molds, drop-in sink molds and undermount sink molds. A variety of design styles are available for each type, including Bar Sinks, Single Sinks, Double Sinks, Triple Sinks, and Country-style Sinks. We also offer a collection of European designed sink moulds to suit european design aesthetics.

Before you Order a Mold:

  • Mold Construction Choice (Metamold or Vinyl Ester) - All molds can be ordered in our premium Metamold gelcoat, or more affordable Vinyl Ester gelcoat finishes. To order as Metamold, add an M to the end of the order numbers provided. To order as a Vinyl Ester version, add a V to the end of the number.

  • Female Mold Options - Most molds require a female mold or mold alternative. Learn about the types and differences here.

  • Mold Break-in Instructions - Gruber molds are preconditioned for your convenience. Learn how you should break in your new Gruber Mold.

  • Mold Track Option - Order your Gruber mold with Mold Track to easily move your molds through your production line