Features include a standard 3/4" thick deck, with 1-1/2" Radius Edge Profile, 22-1/4" overall depth, integral 4-3/4" Backsplash. Order with a standard gate, or optional weightsaver gate to save material and material expense.

111 Series 22
111 radius 2

Length Options: 146" only.

111 radius 3

NOTICE: Dimensions shown above are MOLD dimensions. Cast dimensions will be less.




Length/Description/Order Number

Male Molds
Standard Gate
Order No.
Weightsaver Gate
Order No.
111-NB-146 1-1/2" Drop Lip Radius
Mold Options include:
Black Divider Radius 111 - #01116R
Black Divider Radius 111 Right - #01117R 
Black Divider Radius 111 Left - #01118R

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