Drop Edge Style, with 1-3/8" Bullnose Drop Edge, 30" Depth, with no Backsplash.

630 nb 1375 xsec340
630 nb profile125


Length/Description/Order Number


No Bowl Deck Mold 630-NB-146 Kit x 1-3/8" Bullnose Edge, 30"D x 146"L (Meta), Crated - #22365


Mold Options:

Yellow Divider 630 Bullnose - #0107451
Black Divider 630 Bullnose - #0107451R
Yellow Divider 630 Bullnose Left 1-3/8" - #0107451L
Yellow Divider 630 Bullnose Right 1-3/8" - CALL
Yellow Divider/Aluminum Dam 630 - #22356B
630-NB-146 Dam - #22356D

Other Options:

  • Mold Track - #OP061
  • Mold Crating - #C-100
  • Dam Crating Option - #C-100

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