Modular deck mold series featuring dripless edge, integral Newport bowl, and 22" deck depth with 4-3/4" Backsplash. Designed for cultured marble casting. Order with a standard gate, or optional weightsaver gate to save material and material expense. Available in a variety of single bowl lengths.

110 modular Waikiki deck dimensions
110 modular Waikiki bowl dimensions
110 Dripless profile
  • Integral Newport Vanity Bowl
  • 22-1/8" Deck Depth
  • 4-3/4" Backsplash
  • Dripless Edge Profile
  • Available lengths: 25", 31" 37" and 49" (110-L-XX, xx = length)
110 Newport deck xsec325
110 Newport bowltopview250
110 Newport bowl sideview20

Selection Considerations:

  • Deck Depth - Unless noted below, all 110-L Newport Modular Decks are 22-1/8" (56.2 cm) deep.

  • Deck Length - You can tell the length of the deck by looking at the values represented by the XX in this example (110-L-XX). For example, 110-L-25 indicates a deck length of 25" (63.5 cm)

  • Edge Profile - All 110 Series Modulars utilize a Dripless Edge profile. For a Straight Edge profile, see the 111 Series Modulars.

  • Gate Style - Males shown below incorporate the original standard gate unless noted. A "weightsaver gate" is available that reduces the part cast weight and saves material (and expense) compared to a standard gate. Order numbers for both gates types are generally provided, but to replace the standard gate with a weightsaver gate, add a "3" to the end of the order numbers shown below.

  • Mold Construction - Don't forget to add an "M" (Metamold) or "V" (Vinyl Ester) to the very end to indicate which construction style you prefer.

Order Information: 
Length ("A") - Description - Order No.
A dim mod all
Male Molds
Standard Gate
Order No.
Weightsaver Gate
Order No.
Permanent Hats
PH-L - #00210
PH-L - No Overflow - #002532
Reusable Hats
RH-L - #01361
RH-L - No Overflow - #013612
Female ULFF (Lightweight Female 1/2”) (review female mold types here)
ULFF-110-L-25 - #402519
ULFF-110-L-31 - #402529
ULFF-110-L-37 - #402539
ULFF-110-L-43 - #439399
ULFF-110-L-49 - #402599
ULFF-110-L-61 - #439409
Female FFO (Additional lead times and cost may apply - call for quote)
FFO-110-L-25 - #402518
FFO-110-L-31 - #402528
FFO-110-L-37 - #402538
FFO-110-L-43 - #402568
FFO-110-L-49 - #402598
FFO-110-L-61 - #402628
FFO-110-L-73 - #402658
Female FFF
Note: Female FFF's can be produced if needed. Call for details.

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Before you Order a Mold:

  • Mold Construction Choice (Metamold or Vinyl Ester) - All molds can be ordered in our premium Metamold gelcoat, or more affordable Vinyl Ester gelcoat finishes. To order as Metamold, add an M to the end of the order numbers provided. To order as a Vinyl Ester version, add a V to the end of the number.

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