A complete selection of thresholds are available:

Threshold Mold - 4" x 5" x 96"

22680 1  Threshold Mold - 4
Note: This 96" x 5" threshold also suits PN 23020 1050-20 Series Universal Shower Pan 96" x 96"
Description/Order No.

4" x 5" x 96”  Threshold Mold - #22680
F-4" x 5" x 96”  Threshold Insert - #426808
Divider, Yellow (Unreinforced) 4" x 5” - #010897

Threshold Mold - 4" x 8" x 72"

62576 1  Threshold Mold - 4
Description/Order No.
4" x 8" x 72" Threshold Mold - #62576
F-4" x 8" x 72” Threshold Insert - #825768
Divider, Yellow (Unreinforced), 2576 - #010903

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