Universal Drain Collar Designed for a Perfect Fit!


The drain boss on Gruber’s shower pans was designed to fit the standard drain.  The problem for manufacturers comes in custom situations such as when working with our Universal Shower Pan Mold. In this instance, a shower bladder must be used to meet building codes. The rubber bladder is placed into the shower opening before the shower base is installed and has its own drain fitting. This fitting cannot be replaced with a standard fitting and sticks up in the shower, trapping water in its base.

Gruber Systems has developed an easy solution that makes this drain fit... just add our new flexible drain collar over the existing drain boss before casting. Fit the collar in place, run a radius around the perimeter of the collar, then gelcoat as usual and cast the shower pan.  The collar creates a drain with a slightly larger diameter and a greater depth which allows the deeper and thicker drain bladder to fit perfectly.

The drain collar is also effective when dealing with some newer type drains that are sometimes deeper and thicker than traditional drains. Such drains require a larger recess, which use of our drain collar can provide.

The problem for manufacturers occurs most frequently with our universal shower pan, when a “shower bladder” is used to meet building codes.  This rubber bladder is placed into the shower opening before the base is installed and has it’s own drain fitting.  This fitting can not be replaced with a standard fitting, as the thread size is different.  This drain fitting is approximately ¼”  deeper than the STD fitting and stands proud in the shower trapping water in the base.  To a lesser extent our 1050 series can require the same fitting if some acceptable water dam has not been installed. 

This one simple fitting can make a big difference when it comes to installation time!  Order a quantity now and take the frustration out of dealing with the variety of drains available in today’s marketplace!

Description/Order Number
Universal Drain Collar - # 018001

Note: May be black or white in color.

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