Mold Supplies and Accessories

From Gruber Systems and Marshall Gruber Company

The Cast Polymer Supply products listed below are manufactured by Marshall Gruber Company for the manufacture of cast polymer (cultured marble, solid surface and other) products. As a service, Gruber Systems can also offer these products, but in general we recommend that you contact Marshall Gruber Company to purchase these products. Please consult Marshall Gruber website for their other products and services at

Product categories are grouped by: Mold Preparation, Mold Setup, Vanity Bowl Setup/Drain/Overflow/Installation AidsFinishing Supplies (Abrasive Media), Tapes and Adhesives/Caulks

Mold Preparation

Gruber Systems offers an extensive range of Marshall Gruber products used to prepare and care for your Gruber or other molds:

Mold Strippers and Cleaners

GC Stripper 175


GC 210GC 175

GruberCare 210-GC

MR Solvent Cleaner 175

GruberCare MR Solvent

WetStripKit 175

GruberCare™ MR Wet-Strip
Mold Cleaning System

Mold Sealers

MR Sealer 175

MR Sealer

GC Sealer

GruberCare Sealer
for Wax-based release systems

Mold Release Agents

MR GP Release 175

GruberCare MR GP
Polymer Release Agent

MR HiTec 175

GruberCare MR Hi-Tec
Polymer Release Agent

mr 2 in 1 175

GruberCare MR 2-IN-1
Polymer Release Agent

Release Wax 175

Mold Release Wax

Interphase wax release system

Interphase Wax

Flange wax release system

Flange Wax

Mold Gelcoat Repair

Metamold Gelcoat Mold Repair Kit

MetaMold Patch Kit

Vinyl Ester Gelcoat Mold Repair Kit

Gray Vinyl Ester Patch Kit

Mold Setup

Supplies, tools and aids to setup a mold prior to casting:

Female Mold Alternatives (aka "Hats")

Permanent Hats female mold alternative

Permanent Hats

Reusable hats female mold alternative

Reusable Hats

Reusable poly funnel for use with reusable and permanent hats

Reusable Funnels


Dividers are used on Modular Vanity and No Bowl Deck Molds.

Urethane end stop divider bars

End Stop Divider Bars

aluminum straight front edge divider bar

Straight Front-Edge

Corner Flexible dividers

Flexible Corner Dividers

Flexible plastic dividers

Flexible Plastic Dividers

Rigid plastic divider bars

Rigid Plastic Divider Bars

Tooling Wax, Tooling Clay and Bead Extruders

Smooth Mold parting lines to create Mold Radius with Tooling Wax or Tooling Clay

Exwax Extrudable Tooling Wax

Extrudable Tooling Wax

Hard Extrudable Tooling Clay

Extrudable Tooling Clay

manual clay extruder

Bead Extruder Machines

Wax bead roll

Tooling Wax Rolls

Wax Tooling Fillet box

Tooling Wax Fillet Strips

Wax Radius Tools

Wax Radius Tools

Mold Wedges

Wood and plastic wedges for mold level adjustment and other uses.

hardwood mold wedges

Wood Wedges

plastic mold wedges

Plastic Wedges

Mold Clamps

Quality mold clamps and other clamps for other uses.

g clamp mold clamps

GEE Mold Clamp

Speedy Plugs

Vanity Bowl Setup - Bowl Drain, Overflow and Installation Components

Complete selection of Marshall Gruber Lavatory Bowl Drain System, Overflow System and Installation Components for the manufacture and installation of cultured marble or solid surface vanity bowls:

Drain Components

Polycollar 175


polydome 175


drain boss 175

Drain Boss


Suction Cup Stem Assembly

Captive Nut 175

Captive Nut Assembly

Bowl Overflow Components

Polycollar 175


round overflow tubing 175

Overflow Tubing/Piping

reusable oval overflow stem

Reusable Overflow Stems

beauty ring oval bag 175

Overflow Hole Flange Rings ("Beauty Rings")

Bowl/Faucet Installation Components

faucet hole rings 175

Faucet Hole Rings

FUA 175

Floating Unit Assembly (FUA)

bowl clip 175

Bowl Clips

beauty ring bag 175

Overflow Hole Flange Rings ("Beauty Rings")

Finishing Supplies

Gruber Systems offers an extensive range of Marshall Gruber abrasive media and other products used to finish your cultured marble or solid surface cast products, including:

Grind Disc 175

Grinding Discs



Sanding discs 175

Sanding Discs


Buffing Pads

marble lick 0101561 sm

Marble Buffing Licks

Tapes & Films

Marshall Gruber tape products for cast polymer manufacturing needs:

masking tape

Masking Tapes

protective film 175

Protective Films

Adhesives and Sealants

Adhesives, sealants and caulks used to fabricate/install cultured marble or solid surface cast products, including:

boss silicone

BOSS #385 RTV Tub’N’Tile
Plumber Silicone

dow silicone sealant

Dow Corning Tub, Tile &
Ceramic Silicone Sealant