Mold Supplies and Accessories

From Gruber Systems and Marshall Gruber Company

Mold Preparation

mold strippers cleanersGruber Systems is proud to offer all Marshall-Gruber Mold Sealers, Mold Release Agents, Mold Strippers and other mold preparation supplies. For Marshall-Gruber products, we recommend purchasing from them directly, but we can also supply those products if you prefer. You can visit the Marshall Gruber website at
Marshall-Gruber Mold Sealers

Gruber Systems offers the full range of Marshall Gruber's GruberCare™ Mold Sealers for a variety of composites and cast polymer molding applications.


GruberCare MR Sealer polymer-based sealer for polymer-based mold release systems
GruberCare Sealer wax-based sealer for wax-based mold release systems
Marshall Gruber Mold Release

Gruber can supply all of the Marshall Gruber Mold Release (Polymer Release) Agents for use with cultured marble molds, solid surface molds, and a broad variety of other composites.

Choose from polymer based or wax-based release systems

Some of the products below are part of the GruberCare™ Semi-Permanent Mold Release System. Learn more about these products, and how to use them as a complete mold care system for fiberglass molds used in cast polymer manufacturing applications.

Marshall-Gruber GruberCare Mold Strippers and Cleaners

Designed for maintaining wax-based mold release products, and includes wax cleaners, sealers, strippers and wax-based mold release agents.

Gruber Systems can supply the complete line of Marshall Gruber's GruberCare Mold Strippers and Cleaners.