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Marshall-Gruber Mold Sealers

Gruber Systems offers the full range of Marshall Gruber's GruberCare™ Mold Sealers for a variety of composites and cast polymer molding applications.


GruberCare MR Sealer polymer-based sealer for polymer-based mold release systems
GruberCare Sealer wax-based sealer for wax-based mold release systems
GruberCare™ MR Series Mold Sealer Products
Designed for sealing of polymer-based mold release systems, and includes polymer cleaners, sealers, strippers and wax-based mold release agents.

GruberCare™ MR Sealer

Mold sealer for cultured marble and other engineered composite fiberglass open molds. GruberCare MR Sealer is designed as a mold sealer for glass reinforced polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy or metal molds. For use in combination with the MR GP and MR HI-TEC products. It should be used to prevent styrene emission or migration from new molds and eliminate surface porosity of metallic molds. The resin both seals micro porosity and fills minor scratches on the mold surface. The result is a smooth, high gloss surface primed for GruberCare top-coat application. GruberCare MR Sealer is especially recommended for use on new molds and repaired areas on older molds.

Product Details

GruberCare™ Mold Release Agents
Designed for use to seal wax-based mold release products. The entire GruberCare™ Mold Care product line includes other includes wax cleaners, sealers, strippers and wax-based mold release agents.

GruberCare Sealer

grubercare sealerGruberCare Sealer is a low viscosity emulsion of polyethylene resins, synthetic and organic waxes formulated to seal the surface of new or rejuvenated fiberglass molds. The protective high-luster achieved prepares the mold to accept GruberCare Release or Indicated Wax.

Description/Order Number
128 oz bottle – Ea – #010626
128 oz bottle – Case of 4 –  #010625

Note: 32 oz can (PN 010628) is no longer available.


Note: GruberCare is a trademark of Marshall Gruber Company, LLC.