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From Gruber Systems and Marshall Gruber Company

Deck Mold End Stop Divider Bars

These reusable dividers are indispensable for custom set-ups where cove-back or integral backsplash molds are involved (on no bowl deck and modular deck molds). Designed to fit the contours of a specific cove-back mold, End-Stop Dividers are used to establish the end boundaries for custom tops. Urethane material provides a more finished edge on the part for less finishing labor. Choice of two types - a black urethane with reinforcement for added longevity and durability, and a yellow unreinforced urethane for a lower cost point.

Choose from two types:

Black (Reinforced) End Stop Divider Bars

Black Divider Bars are reinforced for added rigidity compared to Yellow End Stop Divider Bars. Black bars provide additional stiffness, and are less prone to warpage due to the pressure exerted by the matrix during casting.

Yellow End Stop Divider Bars

Yellow End Stop Divider Bars are unreinforced, and are a less expensive alternative to the generally superior reinforced Black End Stop Divider Bars.

Special End-Stop Dividers are available for blocking Corniced Sill Molds down to any desired length. They are ordered based on the depth of the corniced sill mold - either 5", 10", 12" or 24":

End Stop Divider for Corniced Sill Mold

Corniced Sill mold cross-section shown at left.