Mold Supplies and Accessories

From Gruber Systems and Marshall Gruber Company
Mold Track

The mold Track mounts on the bottom of any Gruber mold to guide the mold along a conveyor system.

Made of heavy gauge steel, Mold Tracks are available installed on your mold order or separately in pre-cut and drilled lengths to match any standard Gruber mold.

If ordering mold tracks separately, please specify the mold length with which the track is to be used. Each order for a mold track includes two tracks of the specified length.

Description/Order Number:

Mold Track 25” (or under) - #OP051
Mold Track 31” - #OP052
Mold Track 37” - #OP053
Mold Track 43” - #OP054
Mold Track 49” - #OP055
Mold Track 61” - #OP056
Mold Track 73” - #OP057
Mold Track 86” - #OP058
Mold Track 96” - #OP059
Mold Track 144” - #OP061
Mold Track Bathtub (Each) - #OP061