Modern Replacements for Critical AutoCaster RC Components

AutocasterRC 250

The fast paced changes to electronics have left the PLC and Screen used in the Autocaster RC far behind and replacements hard to come by. Look here for options to upgrade these items with modern up to date replacements.

Autocaster RC Operator Panel Replacement

Autocaster RC Operator Panel Replacement

Replace you Operator panel, buttons only, or screen only with a variety of RC Operator Panel kits.


Autocaster RC PLC Replacement

Avoid a potential "multi-day down" disaster because of old PLC CPU failure! Replace your old unit with a new modern PLC CPU before the old one dies.Proactively replacing the old PLC before a failure with a modern, currently supported PLC eliminates this type of scenario that would result in your Autocaster RC being out of commission for potentially several days, thus putting your company’s production schedule at risk.

Display Panel Screen Protectors

Screen Protectors for Gruber Autocaster and Batchmaster machines

Available for Autocaster Ultra, Autocaster Economizer and Batchmaster II and III models!

  • Extend the life of your touchscreen and keep it looking like new!
  • Long lasting protection against dust, scratches and gouges.
  • Abrasion and chemical resistant to protect the LCD screen. Now clean matrix off the screen protector with acetone!
  • Anti-glare film provides added screen contrast and brilliant colors.
  • Installs easily, removes cleanly without leaving residue.
  • Filters out 99% of UV light from reaching your screen or reflecting to your eyes.
  • Reduce expensive service calls or touch screen replacements due to screen damage