Continuous Casting with Autocaster

Turbocharge your production with Autocaster continuous casting systems.

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Polymer Concrete Continuous Casting

Continuously cast polymer-resin infused concrete with the Autocaster Ultra/PC Polymer Concrete Continuous Casting machine.

Autocaster Ultra/PC

Cultured Marble/Onyx Continuous Casting

Continuously cast cultured marble with the feature-rich Autocaster Ultra Continuous Casting machine Custom machine configuration shown

Autocaster Ultra

Autocaster Polymer Concrete Edition Economizer Continuous Casting Machine

Scaled down feature set of Autocaster Ultra Polymer Concrete machine for continuous casting of polymer concrete at a lower price point.

Autocaster EconomizerPC

Continuous, Densified Solid Surface Casting

Continuously blend, dispense and cast degassed matrix like Solid Surface with the Vacuum Autocaster Ultra Continuous Casting machine

Vacuum Autocaster Ultra

PLC-Controlled Bulk Powder Metering & Conveying

Ground Hopper with sophisticated PLC control for touch-screen control of conveying and metering of bulk materials for many applications.

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Lightweight Filler Transfer

Pump and contain light weight fillers from a single storage point to the point of use with a single Pneumatic Ground Hopper and dual-feed pneumatic powder pump system.

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Batch Cultured Marble/Onyx Blending

Thoroughly blend batches of cultured marble or other matrix with Gruber's heavy-duty Blenders

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Batch Solid Surface Vacuum Mixing

Thoroughly blend and degass batches of solid surface matrix or other matrix with Gruber's heavy-duty Vacuum Mixers.

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Recipe-based Raw Material Dispensing with Batchmaster

Dispense precisely measured raw materials using recipe-controlled Batchmaster Metering and Dispensing system.

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Cultured Marble Manufacturing Plant Design & Equipment

Gruber offers equipment to produce a cultured marble manufacturing plant.

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Solid Surface Plant Design & Equipment

If you are planning or needing a solid surface manufacturing facility, call us!

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Gruber Services

Gruber Services include Custom Mold Design and Production, and Manufacturing Plant Design, Consulting, Sales, Installation and Initial Training Services

custom01 255Gruber also offers expert mold design/production from initial concept through manufacture of production molds for cast composites, light RTM, FRP, vacuum-forming and other applications.

- Open or Closed Fiberglass molds for cast polymer/engineered composite manufacturing (cultured marble, solid surface and others)

- Custom/Specialty Molds for a variety of Cast Polymer, FRP or other Composites applications

- Molds for ADA or Accessibility requirements





plantssGruber's engineering department designs composites and cast polymer manufacturing plants which meet customer specified guidelines. With years of practical experience, we stand ready to supply production equipment for the manufacture of a wide variety of manufacturing facilities manufacturing products from engineered composites or cast polymer materials. Our engineers coordinate all projects from the early design stage through manufacturing, as well as equipment installation and commissioning at the client's site. We ensure that the factories and equipment supplied by Gruber are safe and efficient.