Cast Polymer Manufacturing Plant Design

plantssNeed help getting started with a cultured marble or solid surface manufacturing facility? Want to start a business, and use industry-standard products from a leading equipment, mold and supplies vendor?

No matter where you are in the world, Gruber Systems can be your vendor partner to get you up and running quickly. We can design, supply, sell, commission, install and train you how to use the manufacturing equpment and molds that we supply.

Gruber can provide a manufacturing plant design, to meet your requirements and specifications. Gruber Systems can be your partner. Just call or contact us to get started.

We have years of experience supplying the following types of factory solutions:

Gruber has over 50 years experience supplying the Cultured Marble Manufacturing industry with manufacturing plant design and engineering consulting, plant design, equipment sales, mold design and supplying a broad range of supplies for your needs. Gruber supplies customers worldwide with cultured marble manufacturing plant design, engineering, installation and training. In addition to plant design, we offer everything you will need to manufacture high quality cultured marble products.


Solid Surface Manufacturing equipment Gruber offers includes our well known Vacuum Autocasterâ„¢ Ultra continuous casting system or alternative batch vacuum mixers, bulk filler handling and material metering systems like our Ground Hoppers, Batchmaster automated metering system, as well as a complete array of production equipment including roller conveyor systems, skate wheel conveyor systems, exchange carts, mold storage systems, post-cure rooms, elevating exchange carts, pneumatic lifters, pneumatic and electric vibration tables, bridge cranes, gantries, vacuum mixers, mixer pot washer/cleaning machines, panel/belt sanders, dust collectors, material handling and batch metering equipment.


autocasterultrapc smGruber Systems can provide you with a variety of equipment you'll need to create an automated, efficient polymer concrete manufacturing facility.

Gruber Systems products for Polymer Concrete feature our unique Autocaster™ Ultra/PC (Polymer Concrete) continuous casting system, as well as Ground Hoppers, Bulk Filler Handling equipment such as Bulk Filler Grantries, Bulk Filler Conveyors, Bulk Filler Suspender Frames, etc. We provide heavy-duty, professional grade conveyor systems, cranes, carts, post-curing ovens and tunnels, molds and other tooling, as well as supplies and accessories.



Continuously cast LOTS of large and small
polymer-concrete cast parts with the Autocaster Ultra/PC!