autocasterultrapc smGruber Systems can provide you with a variety of equipment you'll need to create an automated, efficient polymer concrete manufacturing facility.

Gruber Systems products for Polymer Concrete feature our unique Autocaster™ Ultra/PC (Polymer Concrete) continuous casting system, as well as Ground Hoppers, Bulk Filler Handling equipment such as Bulk Filler Grantries, Bulk Filler Conveyors, Bulk Filler Suspender Frames, etc. We provide heavy-duty, professional grade conveyor systems, cranes, carts, post-curing ovens and tunnels, molds and other tooling, as well as supplies and accessories.


 Continuously cast LOTS of large and small polymer-concrete cast parts with the Autocaster Ultra/PC!


Gruber offers the equipment needed for Polymer Concrete Manufacturing:

  • Our Autocaster Ultra/PC (Polymer Concrete) casting system automates the casting process and production of polymer concrete matrix - resulting in higher yields, lower labor costs, resin cost savings, and more. Polymer Concrete traditionally relies on manual mixing and dispensing of material matrix, as well as labor intensive handling and processing of the castings. Gruber Systems Autocaster Ultra/PC casting machine and other automation and factory equipment automates this labor-intensive process, delivering added production with lower labor costs, higher quality castings, and an improved bottom line.

  • Clay/Wax Extruders are used during mold setup to create radiused edge profiles on joined molds.

  • Batch blending of polyester-based matrix with Gruber Blenders and Vacuum Mixers.

  • Automated Metering and Batch Mixing of Cast Polymer and other ingredients with the Batchmaster III Automated Metering system.

  • Bulk Powder Handling equipment - store, stage and supply bulk fillers and other materials to your casting station with Gruber equipment.

  • Ground Hoppers meter and convey bulk fillers to deliver them to the point of use (usually with Gruber Autocaster Ultra/PC continuous casting systems).

  • Vibration Tables provide uniform vibration of cast polymer matrix in the mold to effectively fill air voids often created during the casting process.

  • Convey, Lift, Transfer and Store molds before, during and after casting with Gruber Conveyors and Casting Carts and Casting Tables.

  • Finished (cast) Part Post Processing with our Grind Booths (featured Cartridge Dust Collection Systems).

Gruber offers years of process experience, systems integration experience, mold making and other technical expertise that can provide you with the fastest, lowest cost plant design and implementation possible. Contact Gruber for more information about manufacturing polymer concrete products!