PLC Battery Autocaster and Batchmaster

The battery in the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that runs your Batchmaster metering machine should be changed on a regular basis to prevent setup data from being lost. The PLC's in the Batchmaster machines use a battery to prevent the loss of changeable data such as recipe's, totals, calibration factors during times without power.

Although the battery may last 2-3 years under normal use with power off only nights and weekends we recommend replacing the battery annually to be sure it's ready when you need it. A good practice is to replace it on your birthday, anniversary, or other memorable date.

See the FAQ "How Do I Replace The PLC Battery in my Batchmaster?" for detailed replacement instructions.

Common Replacement Battery Order Numbers:
161084 for S7-314IFM PLC typically used for Autocaster RC.
180384 for S7-22x PLC's typically used on Autocaster Economizers and most Batchmasters.
180385 for S7-21x PLC's typically used on Autocaster Basic and old Batchmasters.