Mold Drawings and Specifications: Bowl Molds


Bowls (Floating Rectangular)

NOTICE: The drawings published here are for ALL Gruber mold products, including various molds that have been discontinued. The presence of a mold drawing here does NOT indicate that a mold can be ordered. We maintain drawings of discontinued items as a service to our customers. To determine if a mold is available for ordering, please refer to our MOLD PRODUCTS section of this website. Molds shown in the products section are available for ordering (subject to manufacturing lead times). We recommend you use the SEARCH feature to quickly locate most products. You can also call our Customer Service Center at (661) 257-4060 anytime or email us to check the availability of a mold product. Note: Most Gruber molds are built to order, and are not stocked.

Note: Unless indicated otherwise, dimensions represented are cast product dimensions (rather than mold dimensions), but may vary somewhat due to varying material shrinkage factors, etc.

Floating Rectangular Bowl Mold product page

Drawing: #20118 - "Access" Rectangle Floating Bowl #20118
Drawing: Celebrity Rectangular Floating Bowl 17x13 #20080
Drawing: Deep Celebrity Floating Rectangular Bowl 17" x 13" x 6.5" #207024
Drawing: Drop Wave 12" x 18" Floating Rectangular Bowl - #20142
Drawing: Floating Rectangular - 15" x 16" Bar Bowl #20053
Drawing: Floating Rectangular - Royale #20090
Drawing: Floating Rectangular - Royale Small #20070
Drawing: Floating Rectangular - Savannah #20061
Drawing: Floating Rectangular - Superbowl I #20020
Drawing: Floating Rectangular - Superbowl I with Soap Dish #20026
Drawing: Floating Rectangular - Superbowl II #20021
Drawing: Floating Rectangular Bar Sink - 15" x 12" #20054
Drawing: Floating Rectangular Bowl - Bar Sink #20051
Drawing: Floating Rectangular Bowl - Super Bowl III #20022 (updated)
Drawing: MasterCast ADA Floating Bowl Mold - #26454
Drawing: Ramp Bowl 14 x 20" Floating Rectangular Bowl - #20143
Drawing: Small Wave Floating Bowl Mold #20133
Drawing: Wave (Small Deep) Floating Rectangular Bowl Mold #20135
Drawing: Wave 19" w/ Chamfer Edge Floating Rectangular Bowl - #26453
Drawing: Wave Bowl 12" x 20" Floating Bowl Mold - #26455
Drawing: Wave Bowl with Chamfer 22" Floating Bowl Mold - #26451
Drawing: Wave Standard/Large Floating Rectangular Bowl #20132
Drawing: Winston Rectangular Bowl Drawing #20141
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