Improve Batchmaster III Base Color Reliability

Base Color Best Practices:

  • Use a quality pigment paste that is below 3000 centipoise at the temperature it will be used.

  • Stir the pigment container with a paint mixer before use at the start of the work week to prevent sediment buildup.

  • Keep the pigment containers clean and free from foreign materials and solidified pigment.

  • Regularly check for obstructions at the inlet connection of the injector, if clumps of pigment form or impurities are in the system they will often catch there.

  • Calibrate the pigment on a regular basis and note significant changes in the calibration factor indicating issues.

  • If pump speed is running above 75% during normal machine running there is most likely a problem, such as an obstruction, a weak pump, or calibration has been done at an extreme speed causing cavitation.

  • Calibrate at a general speed. For most cases the calibration is preset with the current running speed and is good for calibrating but if something has caused an abnormally high speed recalibrate at a speed of 50% or less.

  • Calibration is for determining the amount that is delivered with each motor revolution. Changing the calibration speed should have no effect on the run speed determined by the recipe. Calibrating at a high speed that creates pump cavitation will give false readings causing problems. If more or less color is needed change the recipe amount.