Batchmaster Heater Not Heating Correctly

During cold periods, your Batchmaster resin temperature may require heating, and you may occassionally find that your resin heater is not heating. The following information will help you troubleshoot the exact reason for the problem, and also to correct the problem.

For troubleshooting a Batchmaster system:

1) Make sure the temperature parameters on the screen are set correctly.

  • Resin Temperatures should be set to the desired Resin Temperature.

  • Fluid Temperatures should be 10°F – 20°F above the Resin Set Temperature.

2) Set the Dial on the Heater Overtemp to about 180°F.

3) Make sure heating is enabled.

4) Make sure there is 230VAC between each leg on the top side of the Mercury Relay (L1-L2, L2-L3, L1-L3).

  • If 230VAC is not seen check the Fuses and Breakers.

5) Make sure there is +24VDC between the (+) terminal of the Mercury Relay and the (-) terminal of the DC power Supply. The +24VDC comes from the Temperature Controllers to turn on the Heater. This will only be at +24V when heating is on.

6) Check for 230VAC on the bottom side of the Mercury Relay while +24VDC is on the (+) Terminal.

  • This should be the same as the top (230VAC at each pair L1-L2, L2-L3, L1-L3) when +24VDC is active and off (0VAC) when the +24VDC is not active.

7) Make sure the (-) Terminal of the Mercury Relay is connected to the (-) side of the DC Power Supply.

  • On some machines this connects through the Overtemp Relay on the heater.

  • To test if a disconnect on this part is the problem run a temporary jumper wire from the (-) Terminal of the DC Power Supply to the (-) Terminal of the Mercury Relay and see if it all of a sudden works.

Typical Autocaster Resin Heating Circuit Schematic



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